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Friday, 3 February 2017

Wacker to unveil new silicone resins for weather, heat-resistant coatings

MUNICH, GERMANY: Wacker Chemie AG sad that it will be unveiling new sustainable silicone resins for weather and heat-resistant coatings. The new binder SILRES REN70-M for heat-resistant coatings.
Combined with suitable pigments and fillers, the phenylmethyl silicone resin offers the extreme thermal stability of up to 600 degree C in coatings that are stable at high temperatures, making the product especially suitable for formulating coatings for industrial plants, engine parts, stoves or incinerators.
Moreover, SILRES REN70-M is virtually free of aromatic solvents. Wacker will also unveil its new silicone intermediate SILRES IC 235 for weather-resistant coatings. This silicone resin contains absolutely no aromatics and is used in coatings for bridges, wind turbine stators and industrial plants.
SILRES REN70-M is virtually free of aromatic solvents, thus providing an alternative to conventional binders for extremely heat- and weather-resistant industrial coatings. This kind of silicone resin binders is typically supplied as a solution in aromatic solvents such as xylene. Instead, SILRES REN70-M uses 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate as a solvent, which is biodegradable.
SILRES REN70-M offers the ideal combination of hardness and flexibility. As a binder in heat-resistant coatings, it effectively protects metal surfaces from corrosion even at high operating temperatures or rapid temperature fluctuations.
The binder dries tack-free even at room temperature. SILRES REN70-M is also characterised by full chemical durability, which takes place via reactive silanol groups. Catalytic support makes it possible to achieve complete chemical cure in just 20 minutes at 180-degree C, which means the silicone resin cures faster than comparable products. The cured binder easily passes solvent rub tests. This makes SILRES REN70-M ideally suited to use as a binder in coatings for industrial plants, pipework or engine parts. SILRES REN70-M also provides the resistance needed for coatings on barbecues, chimneys, wood-burning stoves or gas-fired incinerators.
SILRES IC 235-an aromatic-free intermediate
Industrial coatings essentially consist of a binder, pigments, fillers, additives and solvents. The individual ingredients play a key role in a coating's performance. However, adding fully crosslinked polysiloxanes makes it possible to improve the chemical and physical properties of the binder.
The new silicone resin has been designed so that an addition of only 15 percent is sufficient to improve the UV and weathering resistance of the organic binder in a coating system – without detracting from its mechanical properties. Weathering and lab tests have shown that SILRES IC 235 provides for substantially improved gloss retention, greater protection against weathering and an extended useful life. Additionally, a higher percentage of silicone in the binder improves the heat resistance of the coating system up to 300 degrees C. SILRES IC 235 is used, for example, in coatings for static metal structures such as bridges or railings and in industrial plants.
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