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Monday, 6 February 2017

Wacker to unveil new series of oil, water-repellent dispersions

MUNICH, GERMANY: Wacker Chemie AG said that it will launch its new PRIMIS SAF 9000 series dispersions for dirt-repellent treatment of walls, and concrete and stone floors. The copolymers have a special composition that is both oleophobic and hydrophobic, making the end products resistant to many different types of stains – from coffee and red wine to coloured pencils.
The dispersions of the new series are extremely fine particulate and therefore distribute evenly into the micro- and sub-micropores of the treated surfaces. As the dispersions are absorbed quickly, floors are accessible after only a short time. The first two products of the series, PRIMIS SAF 9000 and 9001 are therefore ideal for treating mineral surfaces. In addition, PRIMIS SAF 9000 is useful as an additive in easy-to-clean interior wall paints, as well as for the reduction of emulsifier leaching in exterior wall paints.
Thanks to their special composition, the dispersions of the new PRIMIS SAF 9000 series are both water and oil repellent. The highly resistant polymer base ensures that the end products have good mechanical processing properties, such as abrasion resistance and durability. The dispersions also contain extremely fine particles with diameters of less than 0.1 micrometres, which therefore penetrate into even the tiniest pores.
This opens up a spectrum of innovative applications – both dispersions can be used in a dilute form for dirt-repellent treatment of decorative mineral surfaces, such as self-leveling flooring compounds and concrete floors. The dispersions provide long-term protection against the penetration of water- or oil-based substances into the pores without impacting the appearance or feel of the flooring. The surfaces produced with PRIMIS SAF 9001, in particular, are therefore highly resistant to dirt contamination, but also resistant to mechanical abrasion. So, the most diverse stains, from red wine through coffee and ketchup to oil, can be simply wiped off the treated floor covering without leaving any residue.
PRIMIS SAF 9000 can be used to formulate so-called “easy-to-clean” interior wall paints which are resistant to a whole host of substances – from tea and coffee to lipstick, mustard or coloured pencils. Just adding 10–20 percent of the dispersion in relation to the main binder is enough to allow dirt to be simply wiped off the wall without a trace just using a sponge. The dispersion also increases the blocking resistance in paint formulations so that dried surfaces do not adhere if they are pressed together. Furthermore, PRIMIS SAF 9000 can be used as a binder for marble chip plasters.
In exterior wall paints, adding PRIMIS SAF 9000 minimises the dirt pick-up and prevents the soluble additives like emulsifiers in the paint from leaching and creating so-called “snail trails”.
PRIMIS SAF 9000 and 9001 is exempt from labelling requirements and according to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is even suitable for contact with food and drinking water (BfR Recommendation XIV). The new dispersions are thus an environmentally compatible option for formulating easy-to-clean, dirt-repellent surface treatments for a host of interior and exterior applications.
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