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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

BASF to unveil new solutions for concrete industry

NEU-ULM, GERMANY: Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF said that they will launch their new solutions for customers from the concrete and precast industries.
These solutions also include the MasterEase range of plasticisers which is among the three finalists for the 2017 instalment of the innovation prize of the concrete elements supply industry.
Based on an innovative molecule structure, MasterEase products deliver concretes of low viscosity and optimised rheology and workability. The new technology facilitates the resource-saving optimisation of concrete mix designs, as well as making the installation process more time-efficient and producing concrete surfaces of exceptionally high quality. Notably, the mixing, pumping, installation and troweling of mixes that incorporate high proportions of supplemental cementitious materials and/or problematic aggregates become much more straightforward.
MasterFiber as an alternative reinforcement for concrete
The company will launch the innovative MasterFiber series of products. With the polypropylene fibres of the MasterFiber series, BASF now offers an alternative reinforcement method for concrete. These stainless fibres can, for instance, almost completely replace the steel reinforcement in industrial floors or exterior areas.
The high-performance fibres can be used to produce what are known as Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) – construction materials that facilitate highly intricate and durable construction elements. Among other applications, the fibres are used for facade elements and delicate precast concrete elements, for example. The synthetic fibres from Master Builders Solutions ensure durable, economic and reliable solutions.
Improving concrete quality in winter
BASF experts Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Konig and Dr Hans-Gunter Hauck will focus on the positive effect the innovative hardening accelerator Master X-Seed has on winter concreting. Due to delayed cement hydration in low environmental temperatures, undesired effects – eg. delayed development of compressive strength or green strength, or discoloration of fair-faced concrete surfaces – often occur during cold seasons. The Master X-Seed accelerator helps prevent such detrimental effects, which a practical demonstration will serve to illustrate.
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