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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Arlanxeo to unveil new SSBR functional technologies

MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS: Arlanxeo said that it will unveil its latest products and functionalization technologies designed to reinforce tire performance.
Arlanxeo’s tire & speciality rubbers (TSR) business will introduce two new commercialised solution styrene-butadiene rubbers (SSBR) featuring 1st and 2nd generation functionalization technologies respectively: Buna FX 3234A-2 and Buna FX 5000.
Arlanxeo TSR unit offers a broad portfolio of versatile rubbers primarily for applications in tire production. They are used in, for example, the inner liners (the airtight layers) of tires as well as for the thread, side walls and other tire components.
New solution SSBR
Buna FX 3234A-2 is a high styrene SSBR featuring functional groups designed to interact with silica fillers in order to reduce rolling resistance in passenger tire treads. The product contains 37.5 phr of TDAE oil and is designed particularly for high-performance summer tires.
Buna FX 5000 is a high vinyl SSBR featuring Arlanxeo´s 2nd generation functionalization technology also designed to interact with silica fillers to boost fuel economy thanks to its rolling resistance reduction. This product contains just 7 phr TDAE oil extension, which offers the compounder the chance to optimise rolling resistance further through reduction of filler loadings.
The product can also be considered for all season tires because of the reduction in dynamic stiffness at low temperatures due to the reduced Payne effect encouraged by the improved polymer to filler interactions.
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