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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Merck opens 2 process development centres in US, China

DARMSTADT, GERMANY: The Merck Group expands its global end-to-end bio development centres to meet increasing customer demand for its turnkey portfolio of bioprocessing products, manufacturing capabilities and industry-leading technological expertise.
The expansion, which includes the opening of two new process development centres in the US and China, follows the commercial success of Merck’s bio development centre in Martillac, France.
The two new units will be located in close proximity to customers in the Shanghai and Boston metropolitan areas. Each will provide a full range of process development capabilities and services. This includes cell line development services, both upstream and downstream process development, as well as non-GMP clinical production.
Merck’s bio development centre in Martillac, France, is a fully operational single-use, GMP facility for manufacturing clinical stage batches. Equipped with a full suite of Merck technologies, including the 2000 litre single-use Mobius bioreactor, Martillac offers biopharma companies a complete solution to support their clinical development programs.
Merck’s end-to-end offering delivers important benefits and addresses key challenges for biopharmaceutical companies at all stages of molecule development and commercialization in any geography. In addition to the Mobius bioreactor, the end-to-end portfolio includes solutions such as Lynx CDR, Viresolve Process Area Modules, Pellicon and Centinel Intelligence Virus Defense.
Early-stage companies with limited resources and infrastructure benefit from a partner with strong expertise and experience developing processes and GMP clinical manufacturing to help accelerate early clinical development programs. Companies in more advanced stages need to overcome the challenges of moving from late phase clinical development into commercial manufacturing, accelerating the availability of affordable life-enhancing drugs. With an end-to-end approach, Merck can facilitate and accelerate scaling and technical transfer of an entire process to a new location.
“We are seeing an increasing global demand for end-to-end process development solutions and Merck offers a one-stop shop for biopharma customers,” said Udit Batra, member of the Merck executive board and CEO, Life Science.
“This expansion reinforces our position as the premier supplier of all process development and clinical stage manufacturing solutions, materials and services needed for the production of biologics. This is a strategic, high-potential investment for Merck specifically designed to meet customer needs on three continents,” added Batra.
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