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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Enterprise starts full service on expanded Midland-to-Sealy pipeline

Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD) said that its 416-mile Midland-to-Sealy pipeline is now in full service with an expanded capacity of 540,000 barrels per day (bpd). Also capable of transporting batched grades of crude oil and condensate.
With the completion of incremental tankage, as well as infrastructure and operating enhancements, the pipeline has an expected capacity of 575,000 bpd which is expected to come online in May and is fully subscribed under long-term contracts.
At its terminus in Sealy, Texas, the pipeline connects directly to Enterprise's 36-inch diameter Rancho II crude oil pipeline, which extends to the company's 7.4-million-barrel ECHO crude oil terminal in southeast Houston. The completion of the Midland-to-ECHO pipeline system provides a fully integrated solution allowing Permian Basin producers to deliver multiple grades of crude oil all the way to the Gulf Coast, including West Texas Intermediate, Light West Texas Intermediate, West Texas Sour and Condensate.

Bio-on unveils new cosmetic ingredients brand line for sun protection

Bio-On SpA has presented a brand-new line of cosmeticingredients for sun protection made from its revolutionary, 100 percent natural and biodegradable bioplastic.
The new products are part of the minerv bio cosmetics family of bioplastic micro powders and designed for cosmetics that respect the environment and human health. This latest innovation is a series of ultra-green, high-performing SPF (sun protection factor) boosters designed to improve sun protection products.
Increased awareness of the harm caused by exposure to sunlight is accelerating the number of products with UV filters released on the market. Their purpose is to screen against UV radiation: UV-B rays, the most common cause of sun erythema and sunburn, and UV-A rays, which are responsible for more serious long-term effects: blood vessel damage, photoaging, photocarcinogenesis.
These ultra-green ingredients (micro powders made from biodegradable bioplastic microscopic spheres or capsules) are designed to significantly reduce the percentage of UV filters used in the sun protection product and boost water-resistance.

Emery Oleochemicals launches a new line of aromatic-containing polyols

Emery Oleochemicals has launched a new line of aromatic-containing Emerox Polyols for pentane blown rigid polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam applications.
Key benefits for rigid foam formulators and end users include:
  • Improved low-temperature thermal conductivity (R-Value) performance – including both initial and aged thermal conductivity.
  • Blowing agent management – improved performance with current and emerging blowing agent options due to exceptional solubility of specific blowing agents in these new aromatic-containing Emerox Polyols.
  • Superior environmental / sustainability characteristics – reduced pentane usage, lower VOC emissions at the foam manufacturing site, and offers best-in-class renewable content polyester polyols to the industry.
The bio-based content of this new line of aromatic-containing Emerox Polyols has been certified and listed with the USDA BioPreferred program. These aromatic-containing Emerox Polyols enable new market opportunities for rigid foam manufacturers and end users in the form of differentiated products, improved low-temperature insulation, and green building applications.

Temasek to buy 3.6 pc stake in Bayer for €3 billion

Temasek Holdings, a Singapore investment company has signed an agreement to acquire 3.6 percent stake in Bayer AG, for total gross proceeds of €3 billion.
With the consent of the supervisory board, the board of Bayer resolved to execute the capital increase out of authorized capital against cash contributions and excluding the subscription rights of existing Bayer shareholders.
Under the agreement, Bayer is to issue to a subsidiary of Temasek at an at-market price the new registered (no-par value) shares with an entitlement to dividends as of 1 January 2017.
On completion of the capital increase, together with its existing shareholdings in Bayer, Temasek will hold approximately 4 percent of the issued capital stock of Bayer. The shares issued to Temasek will not be subject to any lock-up period.
The proceeds from this placement will be taken into account when determining the size of the previously announced share capital increase through a right offering with subscription rights to existing shareholders to finance the proposed acquisition of Monsanto.

Women Leadership Forum to explore untapped potential in pharma sector

The CPhI Women in Leadership forum seeks to address issues head-on and provide constructive dialogue where experts in this industry share experiences and strategies helpful in establishing equality for everyone and unleashing untapped potential in the pharmaceuticals industry.
With the theme Empowering Women to Thrive, the CPhI North America’s forum is set to feature executives in the pharmaceuticals industry who will discuss the vitality and importance of women leaders and progression within the pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals markets, as well as challenges women still face.
There will be a full schedule of proceedings, including a keynote address by Lynn Taylor, head of corporate and government relations in US and head of healthcare global government and public affairs for Merck KGaA, Tina Garyantes from Chromocell, Hugh Welsh from DSM, and Mike Kosko from Pfizer.
“It’s pretty well understood that when you’re in the majority culture—it could be by gender, by race, by national origin—you’re completely blind to your privilege. And I was blind to the privilege that I enjoyed until I built up a relationship with those who are part of the minority culture in the company who could help enlighten me,” said High Welsh, DSM.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

A two-day conclave on Corrosion Technology Forum, will focus on corrosion problems in chemical & process industry by galaxy of national & international experts, organized by Worldofchemicals.com & the society for surface protective coatings India.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dow India rebrands silicone portfolio as Dowsil

Dow Consumer Solutions, a business unit of Dow India, has launched the new Dowsil range of solutions for its heritage Dow Corning silicone-based products. The new name emphasizes the legacy silicone expertise spanning many markets, paired with the company’s unmatched R&D capabilities and global reach.
With more than a century of experience, the newly re-branded Dowsil portfolio of Dow Consumer Solutions has delivered award-winning solutions and technologies in home and personal care, high-performance building and construction, electronics and lighting, textile, labelling as well as automotive markets.
Dow Consumer Solutions has transformed the way formulators and brand owners create products by enhancing performance, product sensory and delivering value to consumers around the world. Dowsil will build upon this legacy to help brands maintain a competitive edge in several highly-concentrated markets with its multi-functional solutions.

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